Bicycle Injury Brings Out Supportive Friends

The 2016 South Idaho Cyclo-Cross Series was “kicking-off” with SICX1 at Sandy Point State Park under clear skies and perfect ~60F racing conditions on Saturday October 22, but my season came to an early end. Crashing out of a race sucks, or in this case, crashing out of a race during warm-up. And the anxiety can be exponentially increased with the specter of career ending / life altering paralysis. Continue reading Bicycle Injury Brings Out Supportive Friends


Crimson Cross

Crimson Cross was the 2016 Boise region cyclo-cross season opener, and it was the second cyclo-cross event put on by the Boise Velo Women. The venue was the Crimson Gem Orchard in Emmett, Idaho, and the BVW and CGO invested many hours to transform the orchard into a first time cyclo-cross venue. The turn-out of more than 100 participants was greater than expected, and the perfect calm wind, upper 60F temperature and clear sky contributed to the success / enjoyment of the event. Continue reading Crimson Cross

Cyclo-Cross Skills – Taking the Barriers in Stride

Barriers or Hurdles are a common feature in Cyclo-cross races, and they require several skills to negotiate efficiently: dismounting; steering and breaking while dismounting; carrying the bike; hurdling while carrying the bike; remounting. In some cases for the most skilled racers, it is possible to jump the barriers while mounted on the bike, and this always pleases the crowd, but it is risky. Continue reading Cyclo-Cross Skills – Taking the Barriers in Stride

Mallard Park 3 and 4 – November 14 and 15

The Mallard Park course venue is ~100 acres of grass hill side located on the north boundary of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge bordered by agricultural fields. The park is fairly new, so the sparsely planted trees are immature with ~4″ trunks. This means 100% of the race course can be viewed from several locations within the park. Continue reading Mallard Park 3 and 4 – November 14 and 15

Turkey Cross 3 and 4 – November 7 and 8

Turkey Cross marks the midway weekend through the Boise region cyclo-cross season. Anything can happen with the weather this time of year, but this year the weather was fair with race temperatures in the upper 40F range for the early race and low to mid-50F range for the latter races, and the course was moist enough that the loose dirt was packed-down on the narrow racer line (but un-ride-able in the turns off the racer line). Last year, this race was a week later with single digit F temperatures and 10″ of wind packed powder snow Continue reading Turkey Cross 3 and 4 – November 7 and 8

South Idaho CX – Sandy Point 1 and 2

The weather and course conditions had been “crossy” during the preceding week, but the weather and course dried out for the October 24 & 25 inauguration of the 2015 SICX Series. The Saturday events were baked with low to mid-60F temperatures, and the Sunday events received a reprieve of ~10F cooler temperatures due to overcast conditions that prevailed until mid-afternoon. Both days saw breezy conditions that were strongest in the morning. Continue reading South Idaho CX – Sandy Point 1 and 2

Thirteenth Annual Eagle Island Cyclocross

The 2015 Eagle Island Cyclocross Race was the 13th annual edition of the longest running cyclocross race in the region. Over the years, the Treasure Valley Cycling Club race promoter had dialed-in the course to the State Park, so most participants thought they had a good feel for what to expect from the course Continue reading Thirteenth Annual Eagle Island Cyclocross

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