Site Handbook

The photographs are organized into galleries by event and race (e.g., 2015 IWCX1 Women and Master Men), and each gallery is placed on a separate page that is directly selectable from the Main Menu and includes Commentary Window / dialog and social media sharing at the bottom. Note that it can take a few seconds for a gallery page to appear, as these pages are constructed in real time from tens to a hundred or more image files in the Media Library.

The photographs are viewed by clicking on any image in the gallery to activate the carousel slideshow viewer, and then it is possible to step either forward or backward through the gallery by clicking on the carousel viewer navigation arrows (i.e., gallery order is race order). Scroll to the bottom of the carousel viewer, and click on the “View full size” link to access the full resolution available for the displayed image (typically quarter resolution of the original as stated on the Home Page). Any photograph can then be copied by selecting “copy” from the “right click” menu. Another option available from the “right click” menu is “properties”, and this includes the file name that is needed to order Full Resolution Original photographs.

Note that at the bottom of the carousel slideshow viewer there is another Commentary Window / dialog for each individual photograph.

To close the carousel viewer, click the “X” in the upper left hand corner or anywhere in the black bars on the left or right sides of the displayed image.

We strive to photograph every competitor every lap, but this is not always possible, especially when moving between locations (i.e., we utilize two to four locations for variety and serendipity). However, since our emphasis is on competitor detail that is only obtainable via close range photography, the editor discards ~90% of the photographs due to not meeting image quality standards (e.g., focus, motion blur, lighting, subject centering or pose). Hence, it is possible that not every competitor is included in the photo gallery. Your odds of inclusion in photo galleries increase the more often you compete.

There is also a “Posts” item on the Main Menu, and Posts are available for each event or event weekend that we attended. In many cases, these Posts have been adapted from the original versions at Wild Rockies Race Team, and links to these original versions are included at the bottom.

Site login is not required to view / copy photographs, view Posts, view commentary / dialog. However, site login is required to enter comments. Simply click the “Contact Us” link located in the footer of every page to request login, provide preferred email address, and login credentials will be sent to the preferred email address. I know this is a pain, but it eliminates most “Comment SPAM” and allows Comment Moderation to be disabled to allow real time discussion.

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