What, Why, Where and How

The purpose of this website is to share free versions of cyclo-cross photographs and provide forums for commentary in an environment with few advertisements (WordPress / partner ads only – the price you pay for a “free” web site) and void of collection of user data.

The reason we do this is to enhance the enjoyment of all involved in cyclo-cross events, increase participation and grow the sport.

The site photographers, Michele Swan and Fritz Stafford, focus primarily on cyclo-cross events in the region of Boise, Idaho.

Please observe the (horizontal) “Main Menu” bar located immediately below the “Header Photo” at the top of every page on this web site, as this Main Menu is the primary tool for navigating to all the pages and galleries available on this web site. Note that one of the Main Menu items is the “Site Handbook”, and clicking on this provides useful instructions for viewing and downloading the gallery images.

About the Photographs

The photographs available for freeĀ on this website are quarter resolution versions of the originals, and include un-obtrusive watermarks with (out of date) email address where full resolution originals can be obtained for a fee (i.e., refer to the “Support Fitness and Grace Photo” solicitation at the bottom of this page).

Click the “Full Resolution Demo” Main Menu item for comparisons of full resolution originals to the quarter resolution versions to see the increased detail that is possible with a 4X resolution increase.

Note these free quarter resolution images are still much better quality than we would be able to provide via Social Media Apps.

Experience Cyclo-Cross: Join an Off-Road Cycling Team


Click the above Wild Rockies Race Team Logo, and scroll to the bottom of the right column on the Wild Rockies Race Team Home Page for member application instructions.

Support Fitness and Grace Photo

  • Purchase full resolution original versions of your favorite photos with your PayPal account for $20 USD each (plus 6% sales tax).

Buy Now Button withCredit Cards

  • Note that you will be able to select the quantity of photos prior to logging-in to your PayPal account.
  • Upon PayPal payment, email notification will be sent to Fitness and Grace Photo (with your name, payment amount and email address).
  • After PayPal payment, you will be returned to the Thank You page; this is where you click the Photo Order button to send email to us with a list of the purchased photo gallery name(s) and photo file name(s) (i.e., refer to the Site Handbook for instructions on how to find the photo file name).
  • The full resolution original photos will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
  • Sponsorship is not allowed on this free wordpress.com website

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